Statement of Constitutional Sheriff

The Stance of a Constitutional Sheriff, 2021

In response to the numerous violations of basic human rights by our own government, the CSPOA has composed the following document.  It is designed to help the Constitutional Sheriff defend the Bill of Rights and restore Liberty to America, one county at a time.  Some intended uses of this document are:


  • To stand as a statement of CSPOA principles 
  • To ignite the light of freedom in others
  • To be used by local sheriffs and chiefs of police to share their values with their own constituents
  • To be sent by local sheriffs to government officials, informing them of their stance on these critical issues
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, to be used as a guide for all law enforcement endeavors.
Feel free to download this PDF and use it as-is.  We’ve provided space at the top for you to print it on your own letterhead.  You may also modify it as applicable to your circumstances.


If you are a local citizen or posse member, you can help by bringing this to the attention of your sheriff or other leadership.  It’s important that your representatives know how you feel about these issues, as they are accountable to you!

 God bless America and God bless our Sheriffs!