Are You A David - Front Cover thumbnail 150wA new book from Sheriff Mack: Are You A David?  America’s Last Hope Volume II
In this sequel to the extremely popular “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” Sheriff Mack explains how not just sheriffs, but every public official, peace officer and citizen can stand in the cause of Liberty.  A portion of this book is dedicated to giving history and a firsthand account of the recent BLM siege on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.
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January 2014 Resolution

Click here to sign the resolution!CSPOA JAN 2014 CONFERENCE

The big news for the CSPOA is the resolution that came about as a result of our private January 2014 conference. With this resolution, men and women of faith and courage are stepping forward to say, “Beyond these bounds you shall not pass” to the feds and any who would trample on our freedoms or on the Constitution.

Join us and sign the resolution today!

Help Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in re-election campaign!

Our 2013 CSPOA Sheriff of the Year Award winner has launched a new website supporting his re-election campaign. Find out how you can help Elect Sheriff David Clarke in the 2014 Milwaukee County Sheriff Primaries.

Decisions from Sheriff Mack’s lawsuit against the Clinton administration being used to block Obamacare

On December 9, 2013 Newsmax.com reported that South Carolina is very close to passing HB 3101, which nullifies Obamacare for SC citizens and businesses. If the bill passes, South Carolina will be the first state to take this courageous and very appropriate stand against this most destructive and abusive and yes, unconstitutional statute!

South Carolina State Rep Tom Davis is the bill’s sponsor, and in justifying his legislation he twice quoted from the Mack/Printz v. US case, saying that the States are not “political subdivisions of the Federal Government” and that the feds cannot “compel the states to enforce federal laws.”

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Liberty in Liberty County!

060613finchOn October 31, 2013, Sheriff Nick Finch won his case at trial in Liberty County, Florida. The charges were complete nonsense to begin with, and the laughter in the courtroom was difficult to suppress as the prosecution presented its flimsy, farcical case.

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St. Charles CSPOA Convention Video Still Available!

It’s available as a DVD box set with 17+ hours of full presentations, plus a highlights video that runs just under an hour and 15 minutes. The highlights video is also available separately, and is posted to YouTube as well for free viewing. Help us get this out to the nation:

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News of the CSPOA 2013 Convention: Hope and peace in the eye of the storm

David Clarke Award Acceptance

With fierce winds swirling around the hotel in St. Charles, Missouri and much of St. Louis plunged into an unnatural darkness from downed power lines, over 200 convention attendees sat in the dim lighting from a backup generator and continued an awards banquet honoring those who had stood against huge odds in their own states and counties across the nation. Just as the final and most prestigious award for Sheriff of the year was to be given, hotel security evacuated us to a long, low hallway due to a tornado warning. Packed in like sardines, we listened as Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin stood on a chair and accepted his award for CSPOA Constitutional Sheriff Of The Year.

“You had by back when everything was going against me,” he said. “You called to give your support for the battle I was fighting, and when it’s your turn, I’ll have your backs as well.”

This tornado alert served as a metaphor for the entire convention. A group of dedicated sheriffs, law enforcement officers, state representatives and liberty-loving citizens came together to strengthen their resolve to find peaceful solutions to the REAL crisis of the day: The Freedom Crisis.

There is more to tell; much, MUCH more. It would take hours to summarize accurately. Luckily, it’s all on video, and coming your way as soon as we can get through all the footage.

At our CSPOA national convention in Las Vegas last September, we honored Sheriff Jeff Christopher with a special award recognizing his valiant efforts. As his case now comes to trial, we urge you to give what you can to this important cause. Click the image above to read more about Sheriff Jeff Christopher’s battle and to find out how your donation can help. You can donate to him directly by mail, or via the CSPOA site right here.

SOS Jeff Christopher