Educate and Empower our Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Public Officials

It is imperative that we educate all elected officials and the people they serve on the duties and authority of the sheriff to protect the people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Sheriffs have the authority and duty to stop state and federal enforcement of laws repugnant to the constitutions. After all, they did take an oath to do so!

CSPOA membership fees and donations are used to meet the following objectives:

  1. Convention travel expenses for sheriffs and peace officers
  2. Maintaining a system to educate sheriffs and peace officers nationwide on the authority and responsibilities of their offices

Levels of Membership:

We are seeking ANNUAL PAID MEMBERSHIPS at very modest fees to support our cause on an ongoing basis:

  • Posse Member – $35 per year. Open to all concerned citizens. You are needed to support Sheriff Mack’s educational events to inform the citizenry, sheriff’s office, police departments locally, and the national sheriffs and peace officers conventions.
  • Constitutional Sheriff – $25 per year.
  • Constitutional Peace Officer – $25 per year.
  • Other Constitutional Public Official – $25 per year.

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One-time Donations

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Stop The Insanity

“The instrument by which [governments] must act are either the authority of the laws or force. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!”

– Alexander Hamilton

We feel strongly that education is the only way that we the people can win the war against home-grown terrorists and take this country back. The sheriff is the highest elected official in the county and in this country, with the ultimate authority to stop this insanity. Our County Sheriff IS our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE!