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The Freedom Coalition Investigative Fund, a non-partisan group, is the secret behind our success plan to enable investigators like Sheriff Mack and others to stand for what is right and defend the rights of others according to the constitution. Right now we’re trying to raise an infusion of $100,000 over the next two months and I’m worried that we won’t reach our goal.

The urgency is real. Just look at the headlines.  We see claims of constitutional violations and loss of freedoms so frequently that it takes a full time team to investigate the possible corruption surrounding these cases. This is a pivotal point in our country. If we don’t stop the erosion of our freedoms, we may never maintain the freedoms our fore fathers preserved  for us and future generations . With nearly unlimited “dark money” flowing to some candidates, funding for our project on freedom is essential.

Our Politicians seem to ignore the real issues in our nation. We need your help to expose the corrupt and to preserve our nation’s most treasured document the US  Constitution and the freedoms it protects. Our police forces are being militarized at a scary pace. The working class and poor can’t afford proper representation.

We expose the powerful corrupt, reveal the truth, and shape the national debate with solid, unassailable investigative work. If you support this kind of effort please donate $5 or more to our investigative fund. Your gift of any amount will immediately be used to support The Freedom Coalition investigative efforts. It only takes a minute to make your contribution, and know you did your part to give voice to truth.

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