Win Or Lose: This Was A Great Campaign

November 5, 2012 | by Sheriff Richard Mack

Four or five months ago I lived in Texas and had just been beaten (perhaps skinned alive would be a better way to put it) in the Texas District 21 Congressional race. I was asked to run by GOOOH and, at the time, thought it was a good idea.

GOOOH promised funding and people to help; none of it was delivered. I ended up spending my own money, something that I assured my wife we would not have to do. One of the biggest campaign expenses was paying my “volunteer” campaign manager.

There was infighting and all sorts of ‘I’ and ‘me’ problems. I put my neck on the political chopping block for a chance to stand for freedom! Others, well, I am not sure what their motives were.  On the plus side, I did meet some great people and made some great friends.

I’ve worked on several campaigns in my time and with several other freedom organizations. Most of the time this work was plagued with backbiting, money grabbing and downright selfish me-itis. As a result, I have wondered how we could ever be successful in this movement for liberty with such “Benedict Arnold” types among us. Some are willing to be a part and work hard as long as things go their way and their egos are stroked.  They literally put themselves before Liberty, our country and the American people.

If I sound offended, cynical or extremely disappointed, perhaps it’s because I am. However, I just finished a fantastic event in Las Vegas with fantastic people who all had just one goal and purpose; putting our country and freedom first.

Faith Restored

Now I have had my faith in “Patriots” restored even more right here in little Lincoln County, New Mexico. Why? Because a local physician, Dr. Ray Seidel, decided that he had had enough and put himself on the line to run for county sheriff. He called me and asked for advice about his campaign. One thing led to another and we ended up concluding that I should run as his undersheriff. I committed to do so.

People and “Patriots” called us both crazy; I pretty much agreed with them. This was a very improbable election. Dr. Seidel is just that, a Doctor! He has never worked in law enforcement or in a jail and has never written a speeding ticket in his life. In New Mexico you don’t have to be “certified” to run for sheriff, you have to be a citizen. He is!

So, I moved to Lincoln County, Billie the Kid country, and I have had an amazing experience working on this campaign! Why should I get involved when the guy running has no experience, is a write-in candidate, and wears a gun all day, everyday?  Yes, Doc Seidel is an armed family practitioner. He believes in freedom, he loves America, and he knows the Constitution. His patients love him and don’t seem to mind his sidearm; he doesn’t care if they do.

So we have busted our tails with about 25 volunteers working this Seidel for Sheriff campaign. There is no manager, there is no “boss” and there is no backbiting or backstabbing. All of us work together for the better good of our country. We all know that freedom is at stake and hope we can make Lincoln County the freest county in America!

We meet together frequently, we express our ideas and opinions as to how to campaign and get our message out. We hash things out, we disagree with each other frequently, we strive for common ground and then we get back to work. There are no egos bigger than the cause or our goal. There are no tantrums and pouting or selfish agendas. There are people and Patriots and concerned citizens fighting for a lost cause.  In Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, James Stewart said that “lost causes” are the only causes really worth fighting for! So, here we are.

The campaign has been a huge success! The election is tomorrow. I don’t know if we are going to win. Many people say we are, many hope we are, many are counting on us winning because they believe it’s our last hope!

Whether we win or not, this campaign has been amazing; a Doctor running for sheriff, families and friends helping, fellow citizens standing with us and all putting the Holy Cause of Liberty first! If Doc wins, you can come and see this for yourself, common ordinary people fighting together to take back America, one Sheriff at a time. In fact, you won’t want to just stop by, you’ll want to move here!


  1. Hi Sheriff Mack;
    I ve just recently found You (As I was suppose to!), on IA militia blog page…You have inspired me to contact my county Sheriff (local guy, horse owner & friend)…I want to ask Him, If He could look at Your site, CSPOA site…any other issues would be welcome; as We are meeting next week.
    God Bless & Keep up Your VOICE!!

  2. I tried to tell you that about the phony people you had counted on here in Texas, Richard. They are very good at what they do. When I found out you all had moved to Fredricksburg, I thought, Uh-oh.
    However, there are still some generational Texans that are true to their word of which I am one. Restore the Republic and return to the Rule of Law.
    Regardless, of your victory tomorrow, you will always be a hero of the Republic, sung or unsung. There will be many, I am sure.
    Hope that you and your friend enlighten NM. God bless you all.

    State Chairman, (legal & elected)
    Constitution Party of Texas (R)
    “The political party of True Patriots”

  3. Congratulations Sheriff Mack ! We here in Texas will be pulling for you ! Enjoyed your inspiring speeches so much.
    I believe that Charles Walker is showing his ignorance when it comes to Texas and the native people. His comment was very uncecessary & rude. We don’t need these sort of people in our Republic…we are all striving very hard with a COMMON GOAL in mind to win back our country ! Good luck to you and your family
    ‘In Freedom and Liberty!’

  4. Teaxas deserves the worst. 90% of voters are evil or stupid

  5. Congratulations Richie!

    Win or Lose, I know you gave it your all for this race, and you did it with honor. I hope you win. This country needs another constitutional county and I am glad you will be in the sheriff’s office, even though you also would be a great congressman too.

  6. Richard,

    As I told you when you first moved to Fredericksburg — I hoped you would lose your run for Congress, because that is not your calling. You have a unique and vital mission to these united States, and to every county in the American republic. No one else can fill your boots in that mission, Richard.

    The TEA Party is a unique historical phenomenon; its local leaders are mostly homemakers, who have suddenly got a long drink of that intoxicating brew: politics. They create their own fiefdom, and have their own blog and P.O. box and logo and everything. They will NOT be told by anyone what to do! I don’t paint all TEA Party supporters thus; but the local leaders of that movement have struck me as mostly of that ilk. It’s the worst of politics; that lust for power, however small the jurisdiction.

    Of course, the office of sheriff can be just the same — but you’ve come to show sheriffs, constables, and other peace officers a higher road, enforcing the State-over-federal hierarchy inherent in our constitutional rule of law. This is a hard, high calling — but it’s yours, Richard. No U.S. senator or congressman can ever achieve as much for America, and it was a waste of precious time for you to listen to that siren song. So…I was happy to see you lose…and America gain.

    Texas is a unique place on the earth. Unlike most states of this republic, we were once a republic ourselves. This is a huge, heterogeneous, beautiful, and occasionally very harsh place. Your hardships here don’t reflect on Texas, but on the people who tried to draw you here, and out of your calling.

    That calling, you can fulfill from anyplace in America. The thing is just never to give it up again, until your mission is attained. You do have many of us at your back, Richard. Your task is tactically, strategically, and historically vital to America’s future.

    Lick your wounds, or just refresh yourself, my friend; finding joy in things you might not have stopped to enjoy last month, or last year.

    Arizona, Texas, New Mexico — that doesn’t matter. But that you embolden and encourage the hearts and train the minds of those peace officers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border — *that* matters a great deal. No other man has that calling, among the 300 milliuon of us.

    Good to see you back on mission.

    David M Zuniga
    Founder, AmericaAgain!

  7. Sheriff Mac,

    I believe the only experience you need to run for any office is wisdom and common sense and I believe you and the ‘Doc’ have both. Wishing you total success today and I could be there to vote. If things don’t work out for you In Lincoln County, you’re always welcome here in Eddy County. Best of Luck!!

    Ken Summers
    Carlsbad, NM

  8. Richard,
    Happy to hear you’re headed back into the work that you were created for; God best you, I’ll keep you and yours in my weekly prayers at my chapel. Let me know what I can do to help. What city are you residing in now?
    Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Frates Aeterni
    Brother Dave

  9. Richard,
    Dang, I’m glad your closer. Sorta answers a question we had about moving to Texas. Well, I’ll will be happy to hear how the race goes tomorrow. Win or lose, you and the good Doctor will be better for moving the race and issues to a place you wanted. The Constitution will prevail, you know that and I know that, but He depends on us doing our best too.

  10. Good luck in William Bonney, Pat Garrett land. I know the citizens will be getting some good people with your victory.
    No matter who wins the national election, we lose if we don’t start doing things differently.
    One of those things is every citizen of every county needs to understand how important it is to have a citizen elected sheriff that knows their Constitutional authority and responsibility to protect the citizens.
    Everyone needs to do something to help. A little time or a little money or both. To expect a few to do everything is nothing short of unethical. The same thing everyone else wants to complain about as being the problem. If you are not willing or can’t fix whats wrong in your own neighborhood you might as well quit thinking about fixing Washington.
    Good Luck Mack and as always thanks to you and your family for all you’ve been willing to go through and are doing!

  11. That was somewhat painful, reading about your mal-episode in Texas for it was just the very same helium filled egos, hubrism and sheer and outright greed that eroded the insides of and eventually totally destroyed from within the Posse Comitatus of San Joaquin County then lead by Francis Gillings—-almost literally rotted it out from within like a watermelon …so I know your pain.

    Your account for some reason draws to mind the “territorial swing bands” of Texas back in the 1930s and a host of other dance bands throughout the U.S. —they were often plagued by drinking and heavy drug use and mutual jagged edges and personality clashes of any and every description. But when they sat down to play….the swing music of that era was bigger than all of them combined and yet they created it. It was—and still remains—transcendental.

    Let freedom—the personal liberty as conceived by john Stewart Mill and carried deep within the breasts of our Founders —-be as your jazz music and that of those you are now with.

    —-Robt Hauser

  12. Richard, We are so sorry things didn’t work out for you in Texas, always know where-ever you wind up and what-ever you wind up doing Linda and I are pulling for you, I hope our friendship meant as much to you and Dawn as yours did to us. Good luck and God bless you. Lee & Linda

  13. SHERIFF MACK I first introduced myself to you at an Eagle Forum convention in Sacramento something over a year ago.
    I again met you in Santa Rosa, again in an Eagle Forum setting involving California president Orlean K. I bought five or six books and enjoyed a 5 to 10 minute conversation with you.
    I could never figure out how you, all of a sudden decided to run for
    sheriff in Texas.
    I am overjoyed to hear the information you have provided about
    Las Vegas and your under sheriff try in New Mexico.
    God Speed to your work

  14. Richard, I am so sorry things didn’t work out in Texas for you, but believe this whever you wind up and what-ever you wind up doing Linda and I are pulling for you. We will never forget you and what a great man you are and we will always cherish your friendship. Good luck Sheriff.

  15. Keep up the good fight Sheriff Mack and GOD bless you. Keep training the other sheriffs around the Country about their responsibility to their constituents. NEVER QUIT!!!

  16. Howdy Mac,
    Sorry to hear about your “skinning” in the Texas congressional race. Starr and I were glad to donate generously to your campaign and were trying to get word out to folks down there, but as you know from having been here in Montana, we are a pretty far piece from Texas! The only thing better than you going to NM and running as under sheriff would be having you back up here to Ravalli County running for sheriff. Rumor is, present sheriff, may retire…if only we could be so lucky. Anyway our best vibes and blessings are with you…Jim and Starr

  17. Wishing you and the good Doctor a stunning victory, Richard!
    Thank you much for sharing both the bitter and blessed fruits of the political circus. Looking forward to the day when women and men have more power in life than government on any level. The Sheriff’s office is a great place to start that long trek back to freedom.
    And Richard, thank you truly for all you’ve done over the years for liberty. This country is better for your service. Please shoot me an email once the votes are counted, eh?
    Elias Alias, Oath Keepers editor

  18. Hi there, Sheriff Mack!
    I wondered what had happened to you down in Texas, but I didn’t think you had won, as I never heard a word. That surely sounded like a mess down there! I am so happy to hear that you are in New Mexico and closer to home. I am praying for you and the good doctor to win, as I know you will do a good job and he sounds like a great person too. New Mexico is considered a “blue state”, but the people of Catron Count don’t see it that way. If you and the doctor win, let’s see if we can turn this into a “red state”. I surely wish you both the best and will be praying for you to win. I appreciate it that you have kept in touch all these many years.
    God’s Blessings to you and yours,
    Nancy E. Brown.

  19. Congratulations on the chance for you to be back in law enforcement in a position where you can make a difference. I pray you will be successful in the election because I know that if you are you will be successful in the office for sure. Your friend and supporter, Scott Powelson

  20. Good Luck, Richard. Sorry Texas didn’t work out.

  21. Huge fan… wish more elected acted the same as you! Good Luck :-]

  22. I was fortunate to meet with Sheriff Mack 2 years ago having set up for him to come to our county to speak on behalf of our candidate for Sheriff .
    He is a good man and his mission a noble one . I wish him success because as he stated above it isn’t about him it is his mission to retrieve our country and set it straight .
    While I don’t know him well I feel he is what we need in every county across this country of ours (so far) .
    Good luck and I’m so appreciative of what you are doing .

  23. Richard,
    We all need good luck on election day, some not getting what they vote for. Your apponent is an example. Let’s hope the country votes real change in and we actually strive for a more constitutional balance. So what did your wife think of the portrait sketch? I often wonder if I accomplished the task..

  24. Blessings on a win tomorrow and the eventual take back of our own destiny with regards to constitutional process and rule by the people. Then, may the possibilities of freedom begin to spill over one county at a time until New Mexico is once again a free state under God. May the people finally awaken to what is possible with honest leadership and dedication.

  25. Richard,
    Very good news to hear that you are assisting the good Dr. in his run for sheriff. As I myself know very well, not having law enforcement experience tends to cause people to shy away from voting for you. but I wish the both of you the best of luck in tomorrows election, and pray that we both make news by winning our elections. One county at a time.

  26. I’m sure you know that you weren’t alone. After working diligently in the Texas Tea movement for three years, there was so little help or even encouragement. Like you, I put a lot on the line…and was hung out to dry. There were many of us that ran for one thing: to restore constitutional principles and the Rule of Law.

    I wish you the best and hope you win tomorrow! At least there will be one place that I know I can come where my rights will be protected. Because a man of integrity is there….

  27. Good Luck to both of you! Last electon I ran, had never been in Lawenforcement, had to go to 14 weeks of L.E.O. training, those young bucks liked to kill me. I was 65 at the time. It’s been a great 4 years, like you I will see if I am hired again tomorrow. I attended the first CSPOA convention, missed the last one, if re-elected I will see you at the next one. GOOD LUCK! e u later Barry

  28. May the Lord richly bless you and the Doc in tomorrows election. America needs true repentance if she expects to return to its former glory. Look forward to hearing from you and being on the radio program.

    Keep Fighting The Fight!

    The Voice of the Christian Resistance.

  29. Well, Richard! What can I say but the cream of the crop , always comes out on top…So the Doctor is a gun toter? I we need lots. more of them totin’ guns all over this Republic…gotta get the. snakes in the grass gore ya can get to the injured to see what the problem is…! I am proud for you both, for sure…you and Broaders hsve mevstudying the Constitution online…been so busy , I did stop to go vote early Friday…I get her let’s Roll in New. Mexico…keep me posted my friend…you and the Doc , be blessed. for all that you had done and will continue to do for our Freedom,Liberty and Rights on the Rock of God’s foundstio n that this Nation and it’s Principles were built upon….Vida Smith Compton

  30. May the GOD bless you with a victory!

  31. Glad you’re still in the fight, my friend. Sounds like a great place to be. Hope I can make it out there one day.

    Best of luck tomorrow!

  32. Good luck to you and Dr. Seidel. I have learned just how hard campaigning is and how the cheers from the sidelines fade as soon as you need help or funding. Not to mention organized groups that, talk the talk but just don’t walk the walk. I think it is for the better to have done it alone than to possibly be beholding to any party or organization.
    You and your ideals have played a big part in my deciding to run for the office of Sheriff in one of your neighboring counties (Apache County, Arizona). It is my hope and prayer that we both can be successful in our endeavor to take our country back, “one county at a time”.
    Both our counties have similar problems and I look forward to working with you to help solve them.

    Jeff Christ
    Independent Candidate for Apache County, Arizona SHERIFF

  33. What a great encouraging story, Richard. Thanks for letting us know where you went. All the best in the election tomorrow, and thank you for standing up again for America. I’ll be watching for the result.

  34. Hey Richard,

    I hope you and the good doctor win the election for Sheriff and under Sheriff. If you do, I may want to consider relocating to Lincoln county and possibly discussing me becoming one of your deputies or at the least a leading posse member. I am a founding member, U.S. Army Veteran Oath Keeper out of the Orange County,CA chapter and attended/assisted at both CSPOA conventions as well as working with Michelle and Bobby Florentz in blitz calling the Sheriff’s for the last convention. Let me know your thoughts.

    Best regards,
    Leonard F. Harview
    (310) 721-4867

  35. Praying that with the election tomorrow, God will see fit to get our country back on the road to restoring our Constitution. The fact is that HE sent you and Dr.Seidel to do just that. God bless you both. I am so pleased that I got to shake your hand on June 9th in Westminster, Maryland. I’d bet you were happy to be around so many true Patriots that evening. I know I was and you stood tall among them.

  36. Richy….we are very happy to hear this good news. And feel very bad about your experience in TX. Please email me your new address so we can keep in touch. I’d like to send a little fund as we can. God bless and good luck…wish we could vote for you. Do let us know how it turns out. Fond regards, K.

  37. Richard,

    I was wondering why I hadn’t heard back from you. I wish you all the best.

    Keep in touch,
    Gerry Donaldson

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