Sheriff Mack on Infowars

Watch Sheriff Mack talking about sheriffs around the country who are standing together to fight the Obama administration’s gun control measures.

Mack has a long history of fighting gun control in this country.  He took the fight all the way to the Supreme Court and got the Brady Act overturned.  He’s going to fight Obama just like he fought Clinton, and win!

This time, Mack is building a coalition of sheriffs from all over the country vowing to stand for Second Amendment rights, in spite of what comes down from Obama’s administration.


  1. Thank you for all your support this means a lot Finaly somebody gets it.

  2. What is the best way to get my local sheriff involved?

  3. Thank you Sheriff Mack and all the Sheriffs across this country for standing with the people against this Tyrany. Everyone go to infowars and watch Sheriff Macks interview. Support your local Sheriff Departments because they answer to the people, not any Government system. It was a bliliant move by our founding fathers to set up the Sheriff system in this way, as a check and ballance. Also pray for these Brave Sheriffs as they go against the Tyrants and Globalist in Washington.
    Pray for America as we all go thru this.

    Terry Dixon

    • Yes Terry, we must pray for our sheriffs as well as stand ready to be physically supportive. We must also pray for an awakening of the people! We need the numbers and the strength that goes along with numbers!

  4. I see more idaho sheriffa in the cusp here, as i supplied all with the Utahs sheriff association and all sheriffs in Utah hnoring that statement.
    Its called loosing plausible deniability incorporating the real rights and responsibilities of the sheriff. Support both ways. I found that to the largest degree that even legislators in idaho are concerned.
    this i feel is the first step in the recovery of this long illness we have been in, and that we must service this from all sides if we wish this patient to survive to live another day.

  5. I love the video,however in my opinion,we should be demanding impeachment also !!

  6. doesn’t anyone remember the Clinton “Gun Free Zone” at “Fort Hood”, how many helpless soldiers were massacred until a woman with an iIIegal gun in a Gun Free Zone stopped the mad-man. So how do gun free zones work? How would an entire helpless country defend itself against Man-men?

  7. Legal research shows that since the dawn of Antiquity, the very earliest tribunals recognizable as such, mankind has always been considered to have what honest CommonLaw courts today refer to as “Absolute Rights”; they number three…..

    I. The right to personal Liberty

    II. The right to own personal property and to enjoy full use, profit and benefit therefrom

    III. The right to protect oneself and his property.

    These are Absolute Rights that go back to the beginnings of recorded history and have been recognized by CommonLaw courts worthy of the name of competent jurisdiction.

  8. This isn’t rocket science people… it is simply a, b, c, 1, 2, 3… or have we become an incredibly stupid people? I think we have a large population that is NOT criminal traitors… educate your friends and sheriff…

  9. Obama is racing around like a blind rat in a discount bakery in raging desperation….now he’s clinging to his final hole card, executive orders. In the case of Youngstown Co. v Sawyer, 343 U.S. 579 (1952), it was held that the prez, counterfeit or bona fide is immaterial, has absolutely no authority whatsoever to “make law”….Right in the first paragraph of ARTICLE I, it says without ambiguity that “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress…”
    All means ALL….the prez, real or bogus, has no right under the CommonLaw to “make law”—-PERIOD. End of report.

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