Sheriff Jeff Christopher Lawsuit: “A Republic If You Can Keep It”

Sheriff Jeff Christopher Lawsuit: “A Republic If You Can Keep It”

The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Joe Biden. Obviously he did not fall far from the “lack of intelligence” tree as he gave an opinion that the sheriff has no arrest authority!!!

How is it that the State Constitution states that the sheriff is in fact the “conservator of the peace”, yet according to Beau Biden, he lacks the authority to arrest anyone who may violate the peace?

This is why Richard Mack and the CSPOA are helping Sheriff Christopher fight the political stupidity of some out of touch Delaware politicians. We must make certain that Delaware does not repeat the outrageous unconstitutional removal of the office of sheriff from the State as Connecticut did about 12 years ago.

Here is a public announcement regarding the matter.

Here is a letter by George Otto regarding the case and here is a copy of the filed complaint.

Letters of support should be mailed to:

Sheriff Jeff Christopher
11621 Doublefork Road
Greenwood, DE 19950



  1. I recently (as promised) sent a letter to the President of the National Sheriffs’ Association regarding Sheriff Christopher and how it affects our Sheriffs’ nationwide. I asked the NSA to consider issuing a letter of support on behalf of Sheriff Christopher, knowing the result of such a letter would support every Sheriff in this nation. The letter has yet to be publicly addressed or recognized and I have received no response. I can only assume the NSA board members are intimidated by this administration and our congressional representation.

  2. we are doomed. The ignorant have spoken. They own the press and the liberal media. They teach our children. The healthcare bill grabs more power than the low information American knows. Since they Pay for your healthcare they will dictate where you go, and what you do. What methods of self defense your allowed to keep. What you eat etc. I believe they may have stolen a few states in the last election. But who will investigate? God help us. The lazy fools have allowed the snakes to take control.

  3. Driving through Delaware all the time on business and being a former law enforcement officer, I am stunned at the stupidity and arrogance of some politicians. That the State’s AG holds this position is very revealing and belies that Biden cannot be trusted defending the kind of freedom intended by our country’s founders. Neither can his father, for that matter.

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