Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County Stands Up For The CSPOA


The following is from a post on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office web site, linked to their Facebook page.


“The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) did not waste an opportunity to disparage the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), a group of honorable Sheriffs and officers who vow to uphold their oath of defending the U.S. Constitution, when they awarded me with their Sheriff of the Year award for 2013. Instead, Dan Bice wrote a hatchet piece on the president of the organization, Sheriff Richard Mack. Bice sliced out parts of an interview he did with Sheriff Mack to manufacture a hit piece on him and me. Bice pointed to a group that makes money off of labeling people whose views don’t line up with the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups and racist.

“The CSPOA, a racist group according to Bice, awarded the only black sheriff in the state of Wisconsin their highest honor.

“Let’s see if MJS will go ask Mayor Barrett about the Mayors Against the Second Amendment if he believes the Boston bombers are VICTIMS of gun violence and if Bice will contact the goof who made this absurd statement.

“Don’t hold your breath!”


Thank you, Sheriff Clarke, for your friendship and your courage!

– CSPOA Staff



  1. You can’t clean the chicken [stuff] out of the hen house without ruffling some feathers! Anyone who believes that The Constitution and Bill of Rights will once again become the cornerstone of Law and Order without a fight is mistaken! The question is… are you up to the fight, and if not, what are you doing to prepare yourself to rise to the occasion? Answer: join CSPOA, Oathkeepers and similar groups! Thanks from this active duty service member,

  2. Sheriff Clarke, Thanks for your dedication to Truth and the
    Constitution. Thanks for not wavering despite the onslaught
    of ignorance coming from our dysfunctional culture. I’m working to wake-up the sleepwalkers in my little part of the universe. And I’ll
    be praying for you, that your foothold on the side of Truth stays strong
    and that Wisconsin wakes up to see what a valuable asset it has in
    you. Thank you, sir.

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