Lighting the Lamp of Liberty Action Plan: A CSPOA Solution

Stated Goal: To Restore the Rule of Law – The Constitution of the United States of America

Start Date of Action Plan: January, 2014

General Outline:

Phase 1 – Invite millions of patriots to sign the CSPOA Resolution /Citizens Petition.

This will demonstrate our peaceful intent and that “We the People” do support and stand with those who are willing to keep their oaths of office.

  1. Obtain enough signatures to force the White House to publicly respond in writing.
  2. Activate a citizens’ brigade to obtain signatures in support of the CSPOA Resolution from every city, county and state elected/appointed official from all 50 states in the Union. A written report will be published on the results of our efforts and made available to the American people.
  3. Establish a broad coalition of like-minded Constitutional organizations to carry out the Action Plan.
  4. Create a coalition of friendly media to focus on the issues and initiate honest discussion of our peaceful intent.

Phase 2 – Initiate a delegation of patriot citizens to peacefully assemble in Washington D.C. in a non-violent, unarmed press conference/rally

  1. The event on September 17, 2014 (Constitution Day) will start with a National Rally at the Press Club. The CSPOA Resolution will be publicly unveiled with media present. The speakers will include, but not be limited to:
    1. Sheriff Richard Mack – President and Founder of the CSPOA.
    2. Selected Federal Congressman/Senators/Public officials who have the integrity to stand with us.
  2. An actual print out of all CSPOA Resolution /Citizens Petitions will be delivered to the White House.
  3. A list of public official signers to date will be available for the media and the public, broken down state by state.
  4. A small delegation will be on hand from every state to personally deliver the CSPOA Resolution to all 435 House members and 100 Senators.
  5. An attempt will be made to have the above elected officials sign the Resolution on the spot.
  6. A small hand-picked delegation will deliver the CSPOA Resolution to the President/Vice President/Attorney General of the United States at the White House.
  7. A written report will be published on the results of our efforts and made available to the American people. A list of confirmed speakers to be announced.

Phase 3 – Those who will not sign the Resolution will be publicly invited to peacefully resign.

  1. A list of those who will not resign will be created and published.
  2. A team of Constitutional Attorneys will be assembled to support an action plan to replace rogue government officials who will not obey their oaths of office.
  3. Those who don’t keep their oaths of office must resign.

We humbly invite all like-minded organizations and individuals to join us in this holy cause of liberty.

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