Florida Sheriff Arrested On Governor’s Orders For Defending Second Amendment

The CSPOA is investigating the issue further, but it seems at this time that a great injustice has been done. Sheriff Nick Finch in Florida has been arrested and suspended for refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws in his county.

We first became aware of this through emails from CSPOA site visitors; thank you for reporting it. We are in the process of finding out more information and making sure we know the whole story, but rest assured that if the story really is the way we understand it to be right now, we will fully support this sheriff and encourage other similar organizations to do the same.

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  1. Whoa! Calm down, We do not have all the facts yet. Some of us are jumping the gun, pun intended. Take

  2. It is because of the Florida Constitution’s wording; which applies to it’s residents: The Last part of the first section is the reason why the Govenor did what he did.

    SECTION 8. Right to bear arms.—(a) The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except that the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law.
    (b) There shall be a mandatory period of three days, excluding weekends and legal holidays, between the purchase and delivery at retail of any handgun. For the purposes of this section, “purchase” means the transfer of money or other valuable consideration to the retailer, and “handgun” means a firearm capable of being carried and used by one hand, such as a pistol or revolver. Holders of a concealed weapon permit as prescribed in Florida law shall not be subject to the provisions of this paragraph.
    (c) The legislature shall enact legislation implementing subsection (b) of this section, effective no later than December 31, 1991, which shall provide that anyone violating the provisions of subsection (b) shall be guilty of a felony.
    (d) This restriction shall not apply to a trade in of another handgun.
    History.—Am. C.S. for S.J.R. 43, 1989; adopted 1990.

  3. This is for Sheriff Nick Finch Suspended without pay by the gov of Florida Rick Scott (FB “Rick Scott”) for and arrest that he would not process due to the infringement of the 2nd amendment Facebook page for the sheriff is “support for liberty county sheriff Nick Finch
    ” Nickfinchfund.com

  4. —–Original Message—–
    From: George Miller
    To: Rick.Scott ; sunburst
    Sent: Wed, Jun 12, 2013 10:50 pm
    Subject: Fwd: Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott

    Unresponsive. Finch was defending the Constitution. You were defending the unconstitutional status quo. Back off.

    George Miller

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Governor Rick Scott
    To: Governor Rick Scott
    Cc: Sunburst
    Sent: Wed, Jun 12, 2013 4:51 am
    Subject: Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott

    Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott. The Governor appreciates your concerns about the arrest and suspension, not termination, of Liberty County Sheriff, Nicholas Finch, and asked me to respond on his behalf.

    Sheriff Finch was arrested on June 4, 2013, after an investigation was conducted by inspectors with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Office of Executive Investigations. The investigation revealed that the Sheriff allegedly released a suspect who was arrested March 8, 2013, for carrying a concealed weapon, a third degree felony, and then altered or destroyed documents regarding this arrest, making it appear as though an arrest never occurred.

    The Sheriff was released after his arrest on his own recognizance and faces one count of official misconduct. The State Attorney’s Office of the Second Judicial Circuit will prosecute the case. Due to Sheriff Finch’s suspension, the Governor appointed Carl Causey as interim Sheriff of Liberty County.

    Thank you again for contacting Governor Scott’s office. Please understand that additional information may not be available since this is an ongoing investigation.


    Warren Davis
    Office of Citizen Services
    Executive Office of the Governor



    Please do not respond to this email. The best way to contact the Governor’s Office by email is through the contact form on the Governor’s web site at http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/email-the-governor/


  5. JUST A REMINDER! RALLY AT THE CAPITAL: Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch took a stand for the Second Amendment. In response, Governor Rick Scott removed him from office and had him jailed. It’s time for We, The People to stand with Sheriff Finch and let Gov. Scott know that we support Constitutional Sheriffs who uphold their Oath of Office.

    We will be holding a rally in Tallahassee on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. in the courtyard between the old and new State Capitol …See More

    RALLY: Take A Stand with Sheriff Finch
    June 14 at 11:00am
    400 S Monroe St Tallahassee, FL 3239

  6. They’re holding a rally for the sheriff and the 2A in Tallahassee, FL this Friday June 14th @ 11:00 AM.

  7. This is bull. He was defending us and his 2nd amendment. Let him go! You are wrong!!

  8. I fully support the efforts and intent of this sheriff ( and will so financially if we get a fund started ) , but I do believe he could have handled this in ways that would have protected himself and that would have had the same end result. The sheriff cannot act as though he is God even in his own office. Pressure on the arresting officer to drop the charges and if that didn’t work then try and work out a resolution with the prosecutors office (then find another reason to get rid of the arresting officer later)

  9. We The People need to stand up for this Sheriff! He stood up for us after all. We will not win back our freedom, unless we back those in authority. That are standing up for us. This is an OUTRAGE. Make this governor feel the heat for his treasonous action.

    The sheriff in the county in which the governor resides has the power to arrest the governor….

  10. The dehumanization extermination program is happening. Can anyone lawyer up on here an tell me how violations of the people’s right to carry ISN’T a criminal act? In this case there must be something about FL’s legal jurisdiction that answers my question.

    • If a law is made in opposition to the Constitution, it is not a legal law, and has no force. The Second Amendment is not only a part of the Constitution, it is a part of the Bill of Rights, which are the inalienable rights, and cannot be removed.
      The Second Amendment originally covered any male over the age of 16 as a viable member of the militia, but then it went to 18, now since the women are going to war, the militia is any able bodied person over the age of 18. This right of the militia to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED. Infringed means to lessen or diminish in any way. So, this means that any gun control law is unconstitutional, to me, and therefore has no standing as a legitimate law. A sheriff does not have to support a law that is not Constitutional, nor do I have to follow it.
      If they passed a law telling me I had to kill someone, would that be a viable law that I had to follow? Let’s get real.
      They are passing laws that make no sense at all, like we are not smart enough to make the differentiation. Well, with the sheepish response by the citizens, maybe they are right in the smarts department, but that doesn’t make what they are doing right.

  11. Yes Roberto, the powers that be–the global elite and their useful idiots– are doing their very best to impose tyranny via communism worldwide. Anyone who stands for freedom and resists unconstitutional laws and mandates can and will be persecuted. We ALL need to stand together in the fight against this by doing all that we can. Speak up, network within your community, and organize. They count on us, the people, being too weak and dumbed down to be able to effectively organize and fight their New World Order. We are growing and they’re doing all they can to ramp up their persecution efforts. God be with Sheriff Nick Finch for standing strong. To all Sheriffs across our great nation: Stand strong in your oath to the Constitution for it is the supreme law of the land and let no bureaucrat without principles tell you otherwise. God bless the CSPOA for all that they do.

    • The Constitution says that any civilian officer of the government who tries to subvert the Constitution can be impeached, so why aren’t we impeaching these fools that don’t read what they are passing and then expect us all to follow it?

  12. I am behind Nick Finch 100 percent. I think the arresting officer should be the one they are looking at. I have heard a lot of complaints about him . I understand he pulls over people for no reason. Then makes up an excuse to arrest. Someone needs to talk to some of the folk he arrested. I am very unhappy with the governor. And to think we voted for him. I think that will change next time around. If I knew I could talk to the governor in person I would call. If we the people don’t stand for our rights soon we won’t have any rights. I had faith in Scott, but if he doesn’t step up to the plate I lost my faith. Quite a few people are upset about what has happened. People doesn’t forget when voting time comes around. Governor is a pretty high paying job. I hope someone has enough backbone to stand for what is right and our Sheriff Nick Finch is right.

  13. The gov. Should be remover from office for this I’m tellin you people its time for americans to rise up before its to late

    • Every county in the USA should have a good constitution loving Sheriff and we need to make that happen! Also,
      Rick Scott has got to go. Let’s ALL support Adrian Wyllie next election and have a liberty loving Gov. for a change!

  14. You can spin a story in more ways than one. I don’t know if this particular version is true or not, but there is ALOT more to this man than whats been publicized.

    • which man, cough it up!

      • Do I have the facts right here?

        1- man is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon with no permit to do so

        2- it is not the policy of Florida to allow concealed carry without a permit

        3- the sheriff goes to the jail )and probably for a family friend) and tries to destroy all records

        Assuming this sheriff has allowed the prosecution of others with no permits who carry concealed, this reeks of taking the law into his own hands and NOT supporting the rights of all gun owners.

        I don’t see where supporting a crime because it involves a gun helps law-abiding gun owners. It reads, from what has been presented, that the sheriff thinks he can play God with the law. Anyone care to be on the flip-side of this sheriff when he violates the law against you?

        If the facts are that he tried to expunge all records of a felony for a friend he needs to go. If a man was accused of rape and the sheriff went and removed the evidence samples would you all feel the same way?

        If gun owners start saying they don’t care about the laws and want nullification of all those that prohibit any kind of carry you’re going to rally those who want all gun rights removed.

        From the evidence presented, this sheriff needs to go for committing a felony himself.

        • The way I got the story is he expunged the arrest records because the guy was arrested and detained to start with for no probable cause. The arrest shouldn’t have occurred, he shouldn’t have been stopped to discover the concealed gun, and that’s why this went down the way it did.
          I got that it was a “checkpoint type stop” that was not legal to start with, which is why the Sheriff threw out the arrest. Not that he didn’t violate the law, but he wasn’t supposed to be stopped in the first place.

  15. I do agree we all should defend our second ammendment rights. However, what this sheriff did was criminal. I am sorry, it is not plausible nor reasonalbe to allow any one in any situation to tamper with any file in any office. The sheriff could have found another avenue to defend second ammendment beyond tampering with paper work.

    I will defend my second amendment right but I cannot defend anyone sheriff or not sheriff that tampers with evidence, paper work. We must expect a standard from all offices. He bent the standards put in place. If he is allowed to do this all will be free to tamper with whatever they do not agee with. Sorry the sheriff over stepped his duty and broke the law.

    • I agree Dorothy. And it is disturbing to see so many jump to his defense when he appears to have broken his oath of office. This is not a parking ticket he interfered with. And “By all means necessary” is not, IMO, what we want to be supporting as it’s a license for lawlessness as long as it’s something we like this time.

    • I agree, he shouldn’t have tried to alter the records. He could have handled it more professionally. His heart was in the right place,
      but his mind wasn’t.

    • Actually, the conceal permit is an INFRINGMENT on the second amendment, so how far are you wanting to support it? Until the government leaves you with a b-b gun and the rest are illegal, but you can’t carry it either?
      In California, I knew of a man who took his kid’s b-b gun to the Sheriff’s office to turn it in because the kid didn’t have any respect for its use, and the Sheriff’s killed him for coming in with a weapon. Yes B-B guns are considered weapons, and believe it or not, so are cap guns. I was shocked when my police department told me that.

    • I think we can bank on the suspect being a friend of the family. Rule by cronyism? isn’t that what we have in this administration in DC?

  16. governor needs to be recalled a.s.a.p. for treason to the oath and to the people! We The People must stand up for owr rights in the constitution including revolting!

  17. Ok so he released a man that was arrested for concealing a pistol.
    Did the man have a conceal carry permit? If so no arrest should have been made and the sheriffs actions should be applauded.

  18. There needs to be some further investigation in this matter. The man (sheriff) was arrested for falsifying documentation connected with an arrest of another individual on gun charges.

  19. Anyone that stands by their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States which in turn was ratified to protect the people of the U.S. from government tyranny has my full support!

  20. Open Letter to President Obama and Senator Manchin:
    What part of “congress shall make no law” and “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?
    I assume you studied Constitutional Law and the Federalist Papers in law school (the two cannot be separated in understanding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights).. County Sheriffs can stop gun control. Did you know that no matter what gun control laws are passed by the federal government, they can only be enforced in your area if your County Sheriff allows them to be?

    The ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs. This was established from the time of the Founding Fathers and upheld by the US Supreme court in the 1997 case of Printz v. United States. Initially, the case was Mack v. United States, but by the time it reached the Supreme Court it was renamed. Sheriffs and Legislatures in a number of states are asserting their rights under the Constitution to nullify the assault on the 2nd Amendment.

    Which makes me wonder where our own County Sheriff stands on the issue? Will he stand with the hundreds of Sheriffs across the nation who have vowed NOT to enforce gun control laws that come from the Federal Government?

    Furthermore, The Dick Act of 1902, also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28,1902, invalidates all so called gun control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.

    The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory of the District of Columbia, the UNORGANIZED militia and the regular army.

    The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. (And now we include women and people of all ages) All members of the “UNORGANIZED MILITIA HAVE THE ABSOLUTE PERSONAL RIGHT AND SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS OF ANY TYPE AND AS MANY AS THEY CAN AFFORD TO BUY.”

    The DICK ACT OF 1902 CANNOT BE REPEALED; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another violation of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  21. Now we will see how the people truly feel there.

    • May I re-post your open letter on my FB page?

  22. a re-post of my response to this story on other pages!

    ” It is a Florida duly elected Sheriff protecting the the rights of the people who hired him to protect them. It is the people responsibility to now gather in force to protect the Sheriff and go arrest the governor and re-instate their duly elected official.

    Now it is far from me to try and tell people what to do BUT this man is unlawfully arrested and displaced for protecting ‘your’ rights by a corrupted government that is destroying your rights and arresting anyone who gets in their way and/or murdering them if they resist.

    The only thing that can possibly stop force is an equal or superior display of force!!!!! If you will not stand up and defend yourselves AND you will not even stand up and defend those who will stand up and defend you, then you might as well simply surrender everything, crawl to your masters, and beg them to forgive your arrogance.

    Not one single excuse for further [whining] in Florida now! Either begin gathering your strength or start kissing the feet of your masters.”

    • “” It is a Florida duly elected Sheriff protecting the the rights of the people who hired him to protect them. ”

      What “rights” was he protecting when he destroyed evidence?

      Are we a nation of laws or mob rule?

      It is often said to pick your fights. This seems like a rather poor one to pick with the evidence presented so far.

    • So impeach the governor for violating his oath of office (failing to defend and protect the Constitution for all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC).
      Or citizens arrest him for the same.

  23. Everyone needs to help this hero out!!

  24. Everyone cannot let them get by with this! or they will go right down the line to all the sheriffs.keep letting the whole country know what is happening and whats being done to turn this around. Repeal the Gov.

  25. Was this guy he released have his CWP? That is the difference. Florida law is to carry concealed, you have to have a permit. That is the maker or breaker. If the man did not have that- then he is in the wrong- and the Sheriffs in the wrong. I have yet to see anywhere that says the man who was arrested was legal to carry. This is not about the Gov. replacing him, but did he let someone go when the law was being broke. The man had a gun ON HIM and in his car. If doing that, you’d think to be legal….Getting a permit is not that hard here in FL.

    • It’s not an issue of whether the guy in the car was breaking a law or not. It’s about whether the the governor is going to be allowed to push a sheriff around when the sheriff uses his just powers of discretion in law enforcement. The last thing we need is sheriffs blindly enforcing stupid laws, because that is the end of our check and balance on the other branches of government.

      • ” The last thing we need is sheriffs blindly enforcing stupid laws”

        It’s a stupid law to require a modicum of training, and a permit to be issued as such, to carry a concealed weapon?

        The word “gun” popped up and you jumped to backing the sheriff. Without all the facts, and there has been an investigation, the CSPOA seems engaged in a knee-jerk reaction to justify breaking the law by the sheriff. If you want Boss Hog running the place, by all means continue and storm the Bastille if you like.

    • The law is in violation of the Constitution. They try to teach kids in schools now that the Second Amendment says you can have guns, but THE GOVERNMENT CAN TELL YOU WHAT GUNS TO HAVE. Now, the government is telling you how to carry it? Still and INFRINGEMENT.
      If it infringes, it is not a valid law, and shouldn’t be enforced by anyone.

  26. Shall we start a petition on change.org? Does he have legal defense?

  27. [Forget] Rick Scott. Hes a flip flop just like charlie crist.
    There needs to come a time, where we grab these idiots by their shirt collars…and throw them in the streets.

  28. this is not going to end well…this is going to further divide the country and yes these actions are going to end in open revolt…this will end in a shooting event. No this is not being a conspiracy theorist…this is big gubmint over reaching…IRS abuses, NSA phone traps, outrageous spending and arrogance from The White House…high unemployment, high food prices, et al…this does not end well.

    • So impeach them all for subjecting us to a government foreign to our Constitution. We do not want in the UN and haven’t for years, but they keep shoving us that way.
      Get us out of the UN and impeach all these idiots that want to be with the UN. Let them go live with Rothschild.

  29. I hope Ms. Hall has shared the information with the lawyer representing Sheriff Finch, regarding the ‘corrupt intent’ clause in the florida regs regarding this case. Hopefully the lawyer already knows, but it sounds to me that unless they can prove that the sheriff acted with ‘corrupt intent’ when he erased the records of the arrest, then the state of Florida does not have a case against him.

    This most likely was a result of political motivation to remove Finch from office. From what I gather, Finch ran and was elected as an independent. The power brokers on both R and D sides want to take a swipe at him for it.

    I hate when politics gets in the way of freedom.

  30. ok this is deep stuff and is a test of our mettle. If we stand for this we lose one of the strongest ally office of authority the people can have. If we do not support this sheriff we may as well admit we have been taken over and this is no longer the Free Republic we thought it was. Democracy has failed from within without firing a shot.

  31. What can we do to help, I am from Texas

  32. You mean to tell me a sheriff of his own county got arrested? How is that legally possible? The sheriff is the supreme law enforcer of the county and your going to tell me he did not fight back and his deputies did not back him up?? You can’t just talk the talk AND NOT walk the walk. If he can’t stand up to them what makes you think an average day citizen is going to try and get there rights back

  33. this is what its got to, since the muslims took over the govt,

  34. I, Cat Hughes, spoke to his attorney a few minutes ago because of my concerns: The sheriff will lose (if he hasn’t already because some reports say he was fired) his pay, pension, and benefits and is currently outgunned/financed. His attorney said that there is no evidence that the sheriff altered the record. The record keeper has said she doesn’t remember altering the record but IF she did it was because the sheriff told her to. (WTF that says buckets of nothing.)

    This defender of the 2nd amendment is in deep [doo-doo]. Where is his defense fund and where do we, law enforcement and civilians, let him know he’s got back up?

  35. Here’s some of the article-it says the Sheriff altered official documents to make it appear as though the original arrest never happened.

    gt. James Joseph Hoagland of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office arrested Parrish after stopping his car and finding a loaded semi-automatic pistol hidden in his pocket. Parrish was taken to jail and placed into a holding cell while jail workers began documenting his arrest and processing him, according to court records.

    One jail worker told investigators that after Hoagland left the jail, Finch arrived with one of Parrish’s family members and spoke with Floyd Parrish inside the holding cell. Finch then went into the jail control room, took possession of the arrest file and said Parrish would be released and no charges would be filed, according to court records.

    Hoagland told investigators that several days later, he talked with Finch about Parrish’s release, and Finch told him he “believed in Second Amendment rights.”

    Investigators said in court records that Parrish’s name was whited-out from the county jail log. While Hoagland was able to provide a copy of Parrish’s arrest affidavit, the original arrest record has not been found.

    Liberty County Sheriff’s Office workers also told investigators that Finch ordered the release of the confiscated pistol and another gun found in Parrish’s vehicle from the evidence room.

  36. He did what was right.

  37. Is there some thing we can do to help you? This just isn’t right we all should help this officer. Way to go sir.

  38. Get the Sheriff out of jail NOW and put the GOVERNOR in that’s where he belongs. This is bull $&*$ and we all know it !!!!

  39. I hope there is more to this story because it would be such a shame if this is what our country has come to. We need to rally around this sheriff and give him and his family all the support they need to ride this bullshit out.

  40. If the reason for the arrest is true the time is coming when we need to stand and put this tyrant wannabe down with his hordes of traitors. Soon freedom will be a memory and a new civil war will errupt. Stand up now remove all politicians who reject the constitution and the bill of rights.

  41. find out if there is something that we can do.

  42. This is bulls&$t! These officers take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States Of America. Any one else who had taken that oath, and violates it, should be thrown in jail . Including members of this current administration. This officer stood by the oath he swore upon, which is more than I can say for the Governor. The rights of the people should not be voted on or be infringed, that’s why they call them rights.

    • Everyone on Capitol Hill took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and you see how that’s working for us… I hope enough REAL Americans make enough noise to get this sheriff released very quickly. With an apology given to him.


    • No, we aren’t becoming communists/socialists/elitists. But most of our elected leaders are.

    • If BHO and his comrades get their way: yes….

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