Election Letter: 4 Reasons Local and State Elections Matter!

Election Letter: 4 Reasons Local and State Elections Matter!

Dear Friends and Patriots,

There are many freedom-loving Americans out there who have decided to sit on the sidelines this election cycle due to the lackluster presidential alternatives we are faced with. I completely understand and sympathize with them. But all hope is not lost. Let me give you four reasons why local and state elections matter and why you should get involved.

1. States and Local Officials Really Can Make a Difference!
The Constitution gives the states all other powers that are not EXPLICITY given to the federal government. Don’t underestimate what one state or local official who is faithful to their Constitutional oath can do to make a huge difference for this country!

2. The Federal Government Will Not Shrink Itself
Limiting federal power will NEVER come from the federal level; it will never shrink itself on its own accord. It is natural and inevitable that they will attempt to expand their powers. We’ve seen that throughout our history. Even presidents that claimed to oppose big government only served to expand its size, role and encroachments into our freedom. That role and duty of limiting federal powers was given to the states.

3. State and Local Officials Have a Constitutional Duty to Defend Against Federal Encroachment
The founding fathers knew that this ever expansion of federal powers would happen and put a system in place to keep that in check. State and local governments have the Constitutional authority to limit encroachments by the federal government. Just like the three branches of government check and balance each other, so do the states and the federal government.

4. State and Local Officials Have Largely FAILED in this Duty
Due to ignorance, blatant violation of their oaths to the Constitution, overdependence of federal funding, and many other inexcusable reasons, state and local officials have failed miserably in their duty to uphold and defend the Constitution and protect their citizens from government encroachment.

As important as the federal elections are this cycle, it is of critical importance that Americans who value their freedom to vote and actively support local and state officials who will be faithful to their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Don’t sit on the sidelines! We CAN make a difference!
Sheriff Richard Mack


  1. Sheriff Mack you could not be more correct! As a former law enforcement officer, I am deeply troubled by the current course of events in this country. That oath I originally took to serve still means as much to me today as it did many years ago. I never rescinded it either! Having been to other countries and closely looked at law enforcement there, I came away from those experiences with a greatly enhanced commitment to how valuable and rare the elected Sheriff system in the U.S. is and how valuable it it when compared to the situations in other countries.

  2. The answere to you last question, “I am.” Hve you yet read my book? “The Reformation of Union State Sovereignty.” Aditionally, the Bill of Rights is in fact NOT a Bill of anything. Its a bill of prohibitions. Aill of Rights is something a King hands doen to his subjects. Or founders know that and also knew that the Constitution for the United States needed a halter attached to the United States to hold it in check. That is why they created the Bill of Prohibitions. Take a gander of the notes to Congress held on the 4th of march1789. “…in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaritory and restrictive clauses should be added.” Also, Freedom is not one of our unique attributes Liberety IS. Freedom is the absence of Restraint, Liberty is the absence of Control. That is the United States of America.

  3. They only have the power that we allow them to have. There are only a few of them, and a few hundred million of us. Tell me who has the power. It’s time to dis-engage from their perverted system and do our own thing, like follow OUR Constitution.

    Stop sending them our tax dollars, do not recognize their self-imposed authority. Defund ALL Federal Agencies and replace them with very few State controlled departments where required by We The People. Do not fight them in their Corporate Courts. Take them to OUR Common Law Courts that are made up of private individuals. Arrest and imprison those that have knowingly violated their Oath of Office. This covers everyone at all levels, right down to our local police, councilmen and schoolboards.

    Remember that today’s Federal politicians cut their teeth and graduated through our local governments. WE allowed them to progress to bigger and greater powers. It’s time we place Pandora back in her box!

  4. Mr. Mack,
    Thank you for your service, and for taking the point on standing up to the PTB on so many vital issues. Thank you for doing everything you humanly can as one man, to educate, inform, guide and lead by example, on issues that have been obscured and obfuscated over decades of dumbing down of the People by their gov’t sponsored ‘indoctrination’ school programs.

    I have met you personally, have your books, and give my unqualified AMEN to your message and your efforts! I encourage everyone to purchase your books The County Sheriff and From My Cold Dead Fingers, among others. Instructive and enjoyable reading, and ENCOURAGING.

    Richard puts information in his work that the citizens (with their rights intact..not the 14th Amendment kind) can DO and HOW to do it! All we have to do is follow the RECIPE and BAKE the cake! It WON’T bake itself, folks!

    Let’s not just be ‘hearers of the word, but DO-ERS!’ as the Scriptures instruct us. The time is NOW. It matters not so much who is in the corporation gov’t CEO position, it matters MUCH MORE how we the People conduct OURSELVES. Listen, Learn, and DO.

    P.s. Don’t overlook Tom Wood’s lectures on nullification, some at the cspoa convention and others on his website. He is so excellent, and so refreshing and enjoyable to listen to.

  5. EXPOSE the treason of 1871 and impeach the entire congress .

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