Deputy Stan Lenic Protects the First Amendment

This guy should get a medal.

A couple of activists identified as Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas is seen in this video handing out flyers in the foyer of the Albany International Airport.

The content of the flyer notified flyers of their rights to opt out of the body scans.  It also encouraged travelers to film any pat-downs that they received.

Then you see Doug Myers, the airport PR guy, and Deputy Stan Lenic approach the two activists.  As Myers demand they stop filming and their ID’s, expecting the Deputy to back him up.

That is when Lenic takes a stand and fulfills his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  If you want to see what happens next, watch the video!

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  1. Yes, GIVE THE DEPUTY A MEDAL, for keeping his Oath of Office and upholding our rights as “protected by the Constitution”. These officers should have PLENTY OF CITIZEN SUPPORT … such support encourages more Peace Officers to step up & do their “lawful” duty. The support of the people will show up in unexpected ways, such as more trust & positive community relationship between citizens & law enforcement.

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