CSPOA Supports Sheriff Finch in Florida

Sheriff Finch vs The Man

We pledge that all of the money you donate via this button will go directly to Sheriff Finch, excluding the transaction fees charged by PayPal (2.9%). You may also send check or money order to the CSPOA using the address on our contact page. Be sure to specify the purpose of your donation.

Join us in a fundraiser rally to support Sheriff Finch!
August 24, 2013 – Panama City Beach, Florida
10am to 4pm
The Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Rd.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is proud to announce that we are wholeheartedly supporting and endorsing Liberty County, FL Sheriff Nick Finch for his courageous stand for liberty and the right of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed in the U S and Florida Constitutions. Sheriff Finch’s actions to nullify the arrest of a citizen in his county stand as a shining example of a constitutional Sheriff doing his duty and keeping his oath to protect, preserve, and defend the God-given rights we as all Americans are supposed to enjoy.

A quick review of the incident tells of a Mr. Parrish being pulled over for a very minor traffic violation last March. The officer, a deputy employed by Sheriff Finch, did a pat-down search of Mr. Parrish and discovered a small pistol in his pocket. Parrish had no “permit” for such and the deputy arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Sheriff Finch was notified of the situation and he went to the Liberty County Jail that he manages. There, after looking over the entire incident, he released Mr. Parrish and canceled the arrest. This is fully within his power of discretion as sheriff. In the first place, Sheriff Finch disagreed with the probable cause used to justify the stop and disagreed with the pat down that led to Parrish’s arrest. More importantly, Sheriff Finch nullified a wrong and stood for the Constitution which he is sworn to uphold. Faced with a choice between obeying a state statute or adhering to individual liberty, he chose liberty!

Following this incident, Sheriff Finch was investigated by the State of Florida and arrested for destroying official documents, a dubious accusation at best. Florida Governor Rick Scott took it upon himself to first suspend Sheriff Finch, then remove him from office and fill the vacancy by appointing a member of the very agency that investigated and arrested him! (In layman terms this is all called “the good ‘ol boy system”)!

So, Sheriff Finch has no job, no income, and is facing felony charges. The State has made it so Sheriff Finch has no money to provide for his family or pay for his lawyers. Finch has two special needs children and a very supportive wife. Yes, the State has already made a plea offer to Sheriff Finch and yes, you guessed it, if he promises to leave his position as Sheriff then all charges against him will be dropped. Of course, Sheriff Finch is fighting this absurd arrest and illegal action by the Governor all the way!

Sheriff Finch has never been a member of Oath Keepers or the CSPOA and we had never met prior to this incident. He is simply a man trying to do his job and standing for what’s right. What Sheriff Finch did is exactly what we have been advocating for years: He interposed himself on behalf of a citizen. We hope that all local officials and sheriffs across America will do likewise!

Since this incident, I have spoken with Sheriff Finch and his lawyer several times to be sure that we understood all the details of the case. After doing so, I feel confident in supporting him. The CSPOA recently sent $2500 to Sheriff Finch, and we will be sending more as circumstances allow. We encourage you to donate what you can to help him in his fight against incredible odds.

Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
CSPOA Founder and President

We have created a special DONATE button for Sheriff Finch, shown on this page.

Sheriff Finch vs The Man

We pledge that all of the money you donate via this button will go directly to Sheriff Finch, excluding the transaction fees charged by PayPal (2.9%). You may also send check or money order to the CSPOA using the address on our contact page. Be sure to specify the purpose of your donation.


  1. Any updates on this?

  2. Good to see we still have few constitutional people , who just doesn’t talk the talk,by also walks the walk. we need a [heck] of a lot more people like you.

  3. Sheriff Finch, a question for you. The arresting officer works for you correct? He needs to be taught the constitutional republic common law. If he knows it but went ahead and arrested driver, then he needs to be fired. Or if that doesn’t work then he needs a week with Sheriff Mack what he can and cannot do. I’m only focusing on this because it could have prevented all this [business] with you and your pinhead governor.

  4. What I would like to know is if Finch knew the arrestee prior and why he would know about the arrest in the first place.
    If this was a favor for a buddy, he deserves being gone.

    • We did not make the move to support Sheriff Finch casually. Richard Mack talked with him and with his lawyer, found out the details of this case and then felt confident enough in the whole situation to publicly support him and recommend that others do as well.

  5. RINO Rick Scott is totally out of line. I don’t understand how the governor can dismiss a dully elected official and replace him without the will of those who elected him.

  6. Thank you Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret) for your
    support of Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch!

  7. Sheriff Mack,
    Thank you for supporting Sheriff Finch. It is rare to see someone walk the walk, when today the norm is talk the talk ONLY.
    Thanks again,

  8. Thanks for helping our Sheriff Mack.

  9. Surely, this is a violation by Gov. Scott of his Oath of Office.
    Someone with the means should, as a Private Attorney General, bring Gov. Scott into the same situation as he has put Sheriff Finch.
    Florida is my home state and we have seen enough of Gov. Scott’s dictatorial behavior.

  10. Am very pleased to finally see an update on your coverage of Sheriff Finch and your decision to support him.

    In case anyone has missed it check out this link for ongoing information on Sheriff Finch’s situation: https://www.facebook.com/SupportForLibertyCountySheriffNickFinch

    You’ll find interviews posted in which he clearly states the events as they happened and his reasoning for his actions.

    The only thing I would perhaps criticize him on is the minor point that if in fact the arrestee’s name was whited-out in an official ledger it probably instead should have been lined out with a single line; but then it is also unclear who exactly it was that did the white-out – the sheriff or someone else. Putting a line through information, as opposed to covering it up with white-out, denotes that the entry has been deleted but maintains transparency about what the information was to begin with – this is fairly standard procedure in many processes. In any case the charges that he deliberately destroyed official records for criminal gain, which seems to be the only charge against him, is absolutely false as no records were destroyed.

    There is little doubt that, as Sheriff Max indicates, Sheriff Finch’s arrest was not the result of a legitimate concern by State authorities that Sheriff Finch had committed serious crimes, but rather is a result of the good ole boys’ club which has controlled the Sheriff’s department for generations, and which is willing to enter into a criminal conspiracy with political hacks state wide to over turn the election that put Sheriff Finch in office.

    One question I have is just what law is it which gives the State Governor the authority to designate a Sheriff’s replacement? I understand the authority to arrest and remove from office an elected official, but not to appoint a replacement. That should be the sole province of the people of the County that elected him. Currently the initial appointee has been replaced by a member of the Sheriff’s office, whom Sheriff Finch says he has no problem with. However, any law that lets a State Governor appoint replacements for officials elected at the County level, especially the Sheriff, is a bad law, and should be repealed.

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