Constitutional Duty of the Sheriff – Richard Mack

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

The county sheriff is the last line of defense when it comes to upholding and defending the Constitution.  The sheriff’s duties and obligations go far beyond writing tickets, arresting criminals and operating jails.

We also have an obligation to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens in our counties.  This includes the right to free speech, the right to assemble and the right to bear arms.

Remember the oath.  We took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign AND domestic.

In the history of our world, it is government tyranny that has violated the freedoms granted to us by our Creator more than any other.  And it is the duty of the sheriff to protect their counties from those that would take away our freedoms, both foreign AND domestic – whether it is a terrorist from Yemen or a bureaucrat from Washington, DC.


  1. And of course that Obama bootlicking commie pos in Tucson, supposedly representing Pima County, is not listed.

  2. This was posted before I knew of the CSPOA, so please don’t take offense at what is said. I’m asking you Sherriffs if you would TRUST US, the 80 MILLION American HUNTERS to carry our weapons on us DAILY, open carry or concealed carry, just as the do in ARIZONA, and will you SUPPORT “We the People” stepping our on the SAME day, date, and time, wearing our guns, fully loaded, just like we do on opening day of hunting season.

    Here’s the POST………

    Somewhere there’s a DISCONNECT here, folks.

    I am NOT calling for the VIOLENT OVERTHROW, by the CITIZENS, of any part of our governments, LOCAL, STATE or FEDERAL.

    I HAVE asked WHY and WHAT is holding back our police and military forces from doing their jobs. They are the ones we have LICENCED to use VIOLENCE to protect and defend the Constitution. But obviously they don’t have the BALLS to do it.

    WE THE PEOPLE don’t have to use VIOLENCE. All we have to do is go about our daily lives AS USUAL with the ONLY DIFFERENCE being that we are all wearing our guns, which is OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    The POWER of being able to do that is in stepping out together on the same day, date, and time.

    Are YOU afraid you’re breaking the law??? Then read the Constitution.

    They are the law breakers by trying to forcibly disarm the people and thereby jeopardize the SECURITY of the State.

    Make a copy of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments to the Constitution and hang them on a string around your neck. That’s our AUTHORITY and they have to break the law to disarm us.

    There’s plenty of GOOD COPS who, I’m convinced, WANT to stand against the UN-LAWFUL orders they are being given and are expected to carry out, but they’re HUMAN too, just like the rest of US and they’re SCARED TOO, knowing they don’t have enough BODIES around to support them in stopping this TREASON by their commanding officers and beauracrats.

    I’ve said over and over, that 95%, or more, of ALL COPS are VERY NICE PEOPLE. I have NO QUARREL with any of them on a personal basis and though I use “ALL CAPS” in these discussions, at times, it’s NOT an expression of any “anger”. It’s just EMPHASIS to try to make a point….NO ANGER.

    The cops need to know that we are NOT wearing our weapons to be a TERROR to them. We are STILL law abiding CITIZENS as we go through our daily lives wearing our guns. NOBODY is going to be putting on a “Wild, Wild, West Show” for anyone.

    If this was ANY other nation beside America, I would NEVER suggest putting on our guns, because the CONSTITUTIONS of other nations do not give that RIGHT to the people.

    I KNOW I’m a TARGET for what I’m sharing, but I have NEVER advocated the VIOLENT overthrow of our seats of government. WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be firing the FIRST shot. We don’t need to.

    We don’t need to JAM THE STREETS and disrupt daily commerce, all we need to do is put on our guns, ALL OF US, on the same day, date, and time, and go about our business.

    We wear our guns in ALL PUBLIC VENUES and places. That’s our power and our protection. The laws that say we cannot bear arms in public places are nothing but UN-LAWFUL orders put on the books by ANTI-AMERICAN minded politicians to protect their OWN butts and paychecks.

    We need to go to the town meetings and ALL OF US wearing our guns.

    Make our LOCAL politicians explain their positions and conduct concerning the Constititution they SWORE to uphold and if their answers are contrary to the constitution, then the CITIZENS make the ARREST, charging them with TREASON for actively trying to overthrow the Constituton without going through the RATIFICATION PROCESS required to add or repeal Amendments to it, and the Police are to take the person charged into custody, book them, and jail them, and then we let the courts settle the rest of it.

    When the GOOD COPS (those who truly want to defend the constitution) KNOW they have the backing of the armed CITIZENS, they will have the COURAGE they need to stand against those committing the “treason”.

    The BAD COPS will realize just how FEW of them are on their side and STAND DOWN or be arrested themselves. They have NO constitutional standing for their position, and many of them know it.

    NO VIOLENCE IS NEEDED or CALLED for. Just do your part, put on your guns on the same day, date, and time, and NEVER take them off again until we gotten rid of the anti-american politicians and beauracrats; and because we are AMERICANS, we will DO RIGHT.

    If we don’t get together and do this folks, I’ll be surprised if we get to celebrate July 4th 2013.

    They’re planning on being VIOLENT with us. We are NOT planning on having to be violent with them.

    In the end I KNOW that no one is going to do this. I’m just doing my part, putting out a WORKABLE plan of ACTION that does NOT disrupt anyones daily life, if we ALL stand together and wear our guns EVERY DAY as a simple part of our EVERY DAY aparel. It’s the same as putting on our boots or shoes or belts or coats or hats.

    NO NEED to make a BIG DEAL out of it. But it will ONLY work if we all step out together on the same day, date, and time.

    YES the cops will SPAZ OUT. Just stay calm and go about your business. Be ready to take names and CITIZENS ARREST of those who are breaking the law, and we’ll deal with them in court.

    But I can tell, no one is going to do this. So after we have all of our guns confiscated, the next thing we cannot carry is a “jack knife”, then a pen or a pencil, then a rolling pin or baseball bat, ……..and on and on and on.

    Welcome to Hitlers Germany…………only there is NO ONE IN THE WORLD who will step up to help us save our country if we don’t take action……… one.

    • Awesome idea. Your thoughts on how to go about this in a way to pull the local law enforcement in with us without anyone being left exposed is brilliant. What is the date!

    • You are right on.

      One thing: It says in the Declaration Of Independence that if one form of gov. is not working, throw them out and replace them.

    • Keep in mind, VOTING DOES NOT WORK. Sad, and antiquated

  3. Thank God for Constitution abiding PATRIOT SHERRIFFS.

    What I would llke to know, if anyone can tell me, is how WE THE PEOPLE can legally help through the process of the CITIZENS ARREST.

    I’ts my understanding the CITIZEN has to make the “charge” and the police officer is REQUIRED to take the charged person into custody and take him to the jail and book them in. Then court dates are set and everything is settled in court.

    Does anyone know if it’s “deeper” than that?

    My understanding is we can (and we better be able to prove it in a court of law) charge ANY PERSON, public or private, if we are personal witness(s) to the crime we are going to charge them with.

    If that’s TRUE, then WE THE PEOPLE should ban together (and we don’t have to be armed to do this) and go “charge” our LOCAL and STATE, and,(and if they come into our county) FEDERAL public servants with TREASON or SEDITION and the duly elected County Sherriff and his deputies, have the authority to CUFF them and take them to jail for us, booke them, and let us get them to trial and also TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED from their public duties.

    Is any of this correct?? Can anyone add to or clarify this, please.

    We can be a mighty force for good if we as a community of CITIZENS pull together the proof needed to make the charge. We don’t then end ukp wasting the time of the Sherriff’s department chasing down pertanent information because WE THE PEOPLE will be responsible for the “charge” and NOT the Sherriffs.

  4. Dear Mr. Mack, you – American Sheriffs – are the American people HOPE.
    Please HELP Orly Taitz in HER fight against illegal Kenyan CRIMINAL. Her case is in the Supreme Court.

    She needs to be heard in Congress and able to present her case with the THOUSANDS FACTS about obama’s CRIMES.

    P.S. People, please go to the link I provide and sign the petition to Congress to investigate of the Criminal-in-chief’s use of forged IDs. 41,684 Americans already signed it. Clock is ticking. Act now!
    Please PASS IT ON to all on your e-mail contacts. Thanks.
    P.S. The Supreme Court of the United States does not state whether the Orly Taitz case was granted or denied, no answer yet, NO TREASON YET by the justices of the Supreme Court. So let’s pray for their WISDOM.
    Go to the Orly’s website and look for her Reports
    “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” – “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

  5. This is a response from our County Sheriff for Bannock County Idaho:
    February 21 2013
    Dear Sheriff Nielsen
    First of all, my husband and I would like to thank you and your department for the fine job you do for the citizens of Bannock county. We’re sure that you’re aware of the recent fervor about gun control that’s been in the media and in the nation’s capitol. Below is a statement taken from the website.
    “Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.
    The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures. (list provided on the website: I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction.
    I call on sheriffs all over this nation to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom”. -Richard Mack
    John and I strongly believe in protecting our 2nd amendment rights There are currently 15 Sheriffs from Idaho that have put their names on this list. We were disappointed not to see your name among them. If you haven’t yet taken a stand and considered putting your name on this list – We hope that you will do so today!
    John & Carole Attanasio
    Chubbuck, Idaho

    His Response follows:(we wish the other Idaho county sheriffs would read and understand the Idaho statutes!
    From: Sheriff Nielsen
    To: Carole Anderson
    Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 11:44 AM
    Subject: RE: Taking a Stand

    I have given four media interviews and I have signed off on the National Sheriff Association and the Idaho Sheriff Association stand on second Amendment protection . The Federal Government does not have authority over me or my duties in my jurisdiction . Idaho Code requires that I stop any Government agent from attempting to confiscate Law abiding private gun owners weapons and I am prepared to do so. I went to CSPOA web site and could not find a petition to read or sign. do you have another resource? Thank you for your communication please let me know . Sheriff Lorin Nielsen

    As you can see our Sheriff Lorin Nielsen is a man of integrity and honor!

    • Thank you so much for your efforts. We have definitely added your sheriff to the list!

  6. I’m proud of those who take a stand and Its time for us to take back our country.
    One nation under the God that gave us our freedoms. Let’s stand strong against the tyrants and pray for Gods guiding hand on our country.

  7. God bless you Sheriff Mack for standing up for the Constitution and the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. Wish we had more Patriots like you!

    • Clarence up first. Wants to build on experience plinlug in community to jointly address issues. Was successful in Hillsborough proactively interacting with residents working through Neighborhood Watch process sought out residents to help. Wants to modernize operations of department, improve coordination and cooperation between county and municipalities. Will make sure department is reflective of the diversity in our county including front-line. As former Duke University Chief experienced with broad range of responsibilities.Lindy next. 54 years of experience, starting as patrolman in Chapel Hill. Brings professional experience to bear on problems seeing fruits of decades of work first crisis unit in NC trained deputies in cyber-crime training, etc.Deputies and department are most responsive resource officers play a mentoring role within community especially school system. Works to intervene in kids lives in cooperation with DA, Judges to turn kids from criminal track.Lots of technology in car cameras, DCI will soon have 800mhz radios (a concern of mine) to inter-operate with other departments. on time, doesn’t leave until the job is done

  8. God Bless you for standing up for the rights of the people and honoring your Oath of Office.

  9. Where is t,he name of the Gillespie County Sheriff?

  10. I thank God there are people like you in public service. We need more sheriffs who are willing to stand up against tyranny and uphold their oaths of office. Thank you!!!

  11. Please NC stand against Obama.

    • I want to see the NC Sheriffs Association on this list! My county Sheriff has vowed to me personally he will add his name, and I am waiting for his name to appear here.

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