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Cop and Shaquille O’Neal Shoot it out in Florida

2016 is going to be an amazing year for the CSPOA and we want to thank everyone for making that possible. One of the greatest things I have learned from the CSPOA is the proper role of Law Enforcement. As a young child I grew up with two Florida Highway Patrol Officers as parents, and[…]


Florida Sheriff: “You Are The First Line of Defense”

Another month has passed us by and we find ourselves in a New Year. From all of us at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association we want to wish all Sheriffs, Peace Officers, Public Servants and Citizens a prosperous New Year. We must remember the monumental accomplishments of not only the CSPOA but others[…]

Kevin Blake

Constitutional Sheriff Needed More Than Ever!

Recently, The Ocala Star-Banner published a guest column from a local retired professor regarding the historical background of the Sheriff. At the end of this column it was suggested that we bring law enforcement into the 21st century and ‘put the reeve of the shire back into the history books where they belong’. This is[…]


Florida Public Official of the Month: November 2015

Florida has great weather, great peace officers and public officials as well.  The CSPOA of Florida is proud to introduce you to our Public Official of the Month for November. Walton County, FL, Sheriff Mike Adkinson  borrowed an idea from Sheriff McKeithen over in Bay County.  That idea is to put “In God We Trust”[…]