The Leadership

CSPOA Executive Leadership

Founder President-Richard Mack

Executive VP / Legislative Liaison– Rick Dalton

VP of Operations-Sam Bushman

VP of Marketing & Public Relations-Tim Starks

Technical Support- Curt Crosby

Executive Assistant- Tonya Benson



Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)

Sheriff Mack: lawman, detective, undercover narcotics agent, author, consultant, activist, motivational speaker, and crusader for liberty, has had a very storied career. Mack is the son of an FBI agent and began his own law enforcement career as a street cop in Provo, Utah. After graduating from BYU in 1978, Mack became an officer with Provo P. D. He was soon promoted to corporal, sergeant, and detective. Eleven years later Mack moved home to Arizona where he ran for sheriff. He was elected Graham County Sheriff and served as such for eight years. In 1994 federal agents informed all sheriffs that they would be required to participate in a gun control scheme known as the Brady Bill. Mack refused and became the first sheriff in American history to sue the Federal Government and win a landmark case at the U S Supreme Court. Sheriff Mack’s case was based on the Tenth Amendment, States Rights and local sovereignty.

Since that ruling Mack has written seven books and appeared at over 120 Tea Party rallies nationwide. Sheriff Mack has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine and has now traveled to all 50 states in his battle for liberty. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and on the Board of Directors for Oath Keepers.

Some of Sheriff Mack’s honors and awards include: Samuel Adams Leadership Award (Local Sovereignty Coalition), Elected Official of the Year 1994 (NM/AZ Coalition of Counties), “Cicero” Award (Firearms Industry of America), inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame, and is the only person in American history to receive the highest honors for public officials from The Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and the NRA. Numerous Tea Party groups have named Mack “America’s Sheriff” and the Washington Second Amendment March in 2010 gave him the “American Patriot” award. He also received the “Heroes Don’t Wear Capes” Award from the San Marcos (Texas) Area Republicans (SMART).

Sheriff Mack was a regular guest on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano and has appeared on CNN, Court TV, Nightline, Hardball, Univision, Telemundo, Russia Today, Good Morning America, FOX News, Showtime’s American Candidate, and over 1500 radio shows worldwide.


Rick Dalton Mesa, Arizona PD (Ret)

Me for bioRick Dalton is a retired peace officer, educator and experienced lobbyist.  Education:   Bachelor of Arts, Statesmanship, George Wythe University;    Graduate, National Center for Constitutional Studies, Washington, D.C.;  Employment: 1978 to 1998 Mesa Arizona Police Department, Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Officer (CSO), Community Relations Specialist, School Resource Officer, Police Academy Instructor, Firearms Instructor;  1998 to 2013 Heritage Academy, Mesa Arizona, History and Economics Instructor, Emergency Response Plan Coordinator, and baseball coach;  Professional Memberships: (past and present) President, American Citizens and Lawmen Association (ACLA); President, Arizona Crime Prevention Association (ACPA); Legislative Chairman, International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP); Fraternal Order of Police (FOP); International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI); Legislative Liaison, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) Community Service and Awards:  (past and present) Lifesaving Award, Mesa Police Department; Arizona Safety Association Howard Pyle Safety Award (outstanding safety practitioner in Arizona); Member, City of Mesa Constitution Week Committee; Who’s Who in the West; Editor of Aid and Abet Police and Military Newsletter;  Field Instructor, National Center for Constitutional Studies; Currently: Executive  Vice President and Legislative Liaison, Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers’ Association (CSPOA).  Rick writes a blog entitled: “A Lawman Speaks for Liberty”.

Family: Widower, four children and 14 grandchildren.

Hobbies: Music performance and songwriting, golf, writing.


Sam Bushman

   Sam Bushman 

According to Sam, the words “Family Man” describe him to a tee. Along with his strong Christian beliefs, his wife Julie and eight children are his treasures. His hobbies include home schooling his children, playing games, fun in the outdoors, reading, a love of music, and his favorite, talk radio. Sam has been a talk show host for 20 years, sharing his God given gift of gab on a wide range of topics. His radio programs have been syndicated on several radio networks, including Liberty News Radio, a worldwide talk radio startup solution built and owned by Sam. He currently hosts two talk shows syndicated through Liberty News Radio:

TechWatch Radio – Technology, we cover it all, how it relates to our lives, and how it is best used –  Saturday at 9 AM ET.

Liberty Roundtable –  Candid political discussion of current issues affecting you and your liberty – Monday – Friday from 9-11 ET.

Sam is a well-known public speaker on all topics relating to liberty, including a He Who Owns The Media Makes The Rules DVD and the New Media Takes Center Stage Presentation.

Sam runs a consulting business, End to End Technologies, specializing in radio automation, digital audio production and editing, voice over work, remote control access, networking, and Internet streaming. Sam is available as an IT consultant for small business.


Tim Starks

 Tim Starks

Tim Starks has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. He is a family man with strong Christian beliefs who is dedicated to creating a more self sufficient life style for families. According to Tim, his favorite thing to do is working on his inventions.  He holds certificates in business management and marketing as well as certifications in network security, networking, physical security management and disaster recovery analysis.  Mr. Starks is also certified in executive protection. 

Tim worked as a private investigator and executive bodyguard from 1990-1998.  He is currently CEO/CIO of cyber and physical security incorporated companies and preparedness disaster recovery gap analysis consulting.  As a CEO he has worked with clients from a variety of business and government sectors:  colleges, police departments, state agencies, federal agencies, insurance companies, defense contractors, municipalities, airports, power plants, mines, banks, large retail, pharmaceutical, jewelry and diamond suppliers and manufacturing.  If that’s not enough, Tim is a current NRA certified instructor.


Tonya Bio photo

Tonya Benson

Tonya Benson became part of CSPOA’s staff in 2011 when Sheriff Richard Mack moved to Texas. Sheriff Mack and Tonya met in 2009 during his visit to Fredericksburg, Texas and once she heard him speak, she knew right away she wanted to be involved with what he was doing. She got copies of his books and read them and began to share the message of the County Sheriff. Tonya helped coordinate and arrange the first CSPOA law enforcement seminar in the Texas Hill Country. Tonya has been involved in coordinating the CSPOA conferences and has attended all of them. Recently she helped redesign the new CSPOA brochure.

She considers herself a political activist and works at local, state & national levels. Tonya has worked the polls on Election Day as bilingual interpreter since 2007. Tonya has been a delegate to the Texas Republican Party State Convention since 2008. The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is another organization where Tonya volunteers and she established their marksmanship and heritage program, the Appleseed Project in Fredericksburg, Texas five years ago. She has been known to attend numerous rallies, marches & gatherings protesting the infringement of our Bill of Rights and the out-of-control federal government. Most recently, she attended the historical Come & Take It Gun Rally held at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas where over 500 attended carrying long rifles, including Tonya with her AR15 to remind that it is legal in Texas to open carry long rifles.

If you asked her why she does what she does, she will tell you it is because she has an amazing college-age son who she wants to see live in a free country and enjoy the liberties and freedoms of the Constitutional Republic that our founders gave us. Her concern is for the next generation, our children & grandchildren and the legacy we are going to leave to them. As a nation, she thinks we have failed to be vigilant and take care to preserve our heritage of sovereignty and liberty. She considers that we are at a crossroads, at a tipping point in history when we must choose to take our country back or lose it.

Tonya believes that CSPOA and constitutional sheriffs and peace officers with the leadership of Sheriff Mack, is America’s best hope and offers a peaceful solution to getting America back and restoring our Constitutional Republic.

CSPOA Advisory Board

Name Office City County State
Larry Kirk Chief of Police Old Monroe MO
Pamela Elliot Sheriff  Edwards  TX
 Brad Rogers  Sheriff  Elkhart  IN